Are you advanced on the path of spiritual growth but still stuck in one or two key areas of life (such as having an amazing relationship, bringing in greater wealth, etc)?
Do you feel lost about how to create change in these unlocked areas, or have you given up hope that you can ever experience what you truly desire?

After many years on the spiritual and intuitive growth journey, working as a successful intuitive reader and evidential medium, I had to face the harsh reality that certain areas of my life were not caught up and reflecting the level of growth that I was at. My spiritual practices were strong, but my Divinity was compartmentalized – it was not coming fully to life through every single part of my life.

And I realized this wasn’t right. The TRUTH is that imbalance such as this isn’t a sustainable place. ALL areas of life must align at some point or it will prevent any further growth until this issue is addressed.

Most spiritual and intuitive development programs teach you how to become expansive and connect with God/Spirit/Divine BUT they don’t build a proper bridge into daily life, or teach you enough about how to work with the subtle but powerful patterns that you’re running without any conscious awareness, and the specific energy that holds you back.

Intuitive development work alone won’t get you there.

Meditation alone won’t get you there.

Energy work alone won’t get you there.

Psychology alone won’t get you there.

I unlocked these stubborn areas of my life by combining a number of modalities to address the deep, deep shifts that were required. It was a difficult journey to go through because at times the path really wasn’t clear. There wasn’t anyone out there teaching the full spectrum of what I needed to make the leap. Thankfully, I found my way.

When I think back to the time before I addressed this issue, life was quickly becoming stagnant and unfulfilling. My initial attempt at trying countless different approaches that were a low investment of time and energy, without a lot of depth, was a huge waste of my time. Taking the journey that I did to study and combine many different approaches took me a long time, but finally got me so far beyond my wildest dreams.

Now I offer private, personalized, highly unique coaching in order to give you immediate access to all of these tools I’ve used for my own transformation, without needing to study them all by yourself, in order to create profound and miraculous shifts in your life.

If you want breakthrough, action is required. I am here to lovingly hold you through massive transformation if that’s what you truly want. Reach out to me today to get started.