I work with spiritual and intuitive people who have been on the path of growth for a long time, but still have one or two areas of life that aren’t where they want them to be.

My journey began as a spiritual seeker first. I have studied many different modalities in the last 20 years, including yoga via a teaching path, various spiritual and religious belief systems, intuitive work and evidential mediumship, hypnotherapy, life coaching, multiple energy healing modalities, akashic records work, shadow integration, and shamanic practices. I have combined these practices to evolve beyond what I ever thought was possible for myself, in all areas of my life.

Today, I combine all of my expertise and direct experience to lead my clients down their own unique path of deep awakening, unwinding patterns, and creating true and sustainable change.

My goal with every client is to support you in breaking through to the areas of life that have remained unlocked for you so far, those deepest desires that seem beyond the realm of possibility.