“I had the honor of receiving a Soul Realignment session from Leisha and it has opened up so much for me in just a few days. I’m talking connecting the dots through lifetimes, understanding myself and what’s playing out at the present on a deeper level, and clearing in ways that don’t require any intense effort or storytelling. Her gifts and offerings are absolutely worth the exchange.” – Michelle

“I was led to Leisha Craft by my Guides; knowing this, I had a great expectation when I began working with her. I was going from class to class looking for the way to open up and fully activate my gifts. Leisha is gifted with unconditional love, and this message poured through every interaction, creating a profound trust that laid the foundation for my transformation. I was amazed at her ability to understand what I said and interpret my experiences. I benefited from her expansive knowledge about spiritual enlightenment, learning not only from my own experiences that resulted from our work, but her teaching and explanations. Leisha Craft has an incredible gift of communication and I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to work with her.” – Bobbi

“Leisha is one insanely gifted medium who offers badass spiritual guidance/support. Her clarity is epic!! If you need help cleaning up your internal shop so your external expression can thrive, she is your person.” – Amanda

“Thank you Leisha for your gift of energy reading and transmutation! You’re a powerful guide and it feels really good to have you in my court holding me. I feel your nurturing and powerful medicine! WOWWWWWW! Many outmoded layers being shed right now with your help! This healer means business, I am certain she could hold whatever you bring to her… she will not disappoint! She will unveil a power you *knew* you had and help you access it! Thank you thank you thank you!”

“I was gifted a session with Leisha Craft and honestly, I’m not entirely sure how to tell you how fucking amazing this woman is. I am mind blown/speechless/blown away by how amazing this gift was, and how much juice and joy and expansion there was from our time together. Totally and utterly fabulous. Thank you so much” – Helen

“Last week I was blessed to receive a reading by Leisha. I was struggling with a spiritual block, and I prayed for a breakthrough. Without knowing my block, Leisha gave me a reading that was EXACTLY what the Angels wanted me to know and I received complete breakthrough in this area. I am in awe of both Leisha’s connection to the realm of Spirit and the kindness and compassion with which she shares the information. I highly recommended her!” -Erika

“Leisha is an incredible resource. In all of my sessions with her she has been spot on with what has been or will be transpiring in my life. Multiple times, things she has spoke of has appeared – her conversations with spirit are so comforting. When I was going through I terribly difficult time her messages kept me going, her knowledge inspired me. SHE inspires me. I am forever grateful for her in all aspects of my life and will continue to reach out to her for guidance. So much love for her.” -Jessica

“I am very grateful for the session I had with Leisha! There were things that I was feeling unsettled about, and through my reading, my uncertainty was laid to rest. Questions I didn’t even know I needed answered came to light, and I felt completely safe the entire session. Leisha has great energy, I will definitely be booking another reading with her.” -Lucy

“I love Leisha, she is always so very in tune with what is going on in my life and I do not have to tell her anything before a reading. I can feel her through the phone and her presence is always affirming that I am safe and that all is well no matter what is being channeled through for me at that time. She has given me clarity and hope and a lot of the things she has relayed to me through a session have transpired over the last year! Leisha is a great healer, intuitive, and medium and I would recommend her to anyone!” -Kristen

“I recently got a reading done by Leisha and really appreciated her to the point and direct approach. It was a 15 minute reading only, but it felt likeĀ I got four sessions worth of stuff done in just 15 minutes. I got some answers that I have been searching for in the past two years and all her readings aligned very well with my thoughts. I had to tell her very little information and she understood exactly what I was asking. After the session I felt this sense of validation, relief and peace. I really appreciate Leisha and will surely consult her again in the future, when I find myself in a similar situation again.” -Nupur

“I have been reading with Leisha for over a year on a regular basis. Her insight and delivery of messages from Spirit are always done with compassion. She has assisted me through several difficult situation in my life over the last year and has always been spot on. I simply cannot say enough about how gifted and talented she is.” -Dana

“I am lucky to have come across Leisha and receive her help and services. She is a phenomenal, gifted psychic. It is surprising how quickly and accurately she channels into not only the event but also the place and person I asked questions about. She was able to mention every little detail which no other person besides me could have known. In a metaphor, it felt as if she was present at the event, like an angel would be witnessing the event, thoughts, feelings and upcoming energies.

She not only helped me gain insight and clarity but she also confirmed many things for me. Along with being a psychic, Leisha is an optimistic, spiritual and good-spirited person. She counseled me through as well – I got support, information, insight, optimism from her. Leisha, you have completely sold me into what a psychic can do. I adore you, your work and the help you have given me. I really cannot compile in words how grateful I feel.” -Tina

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