Daily Meditation – September 18th, 2013

There are intense changes happening in the world around all of us. Perhaps even scary changes, because they are so far-reaching. Perhaps you are even needing to constantly shift your beliefs to “catch up” with the new reality that you wake up to each and every morning. So many things are possible within this time, it is a potent place to be. As the old stuff clears away, space is being held for the infinite possibilities of what comes next.

We are being given the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, in many ways. Who do you want to be in the world? What kind of energy to you want to bring to those around you? How do you want to show up as a friend? As a lover? As family? As an employee? As someone who is “on-call” for Spirit? You get to choose! It’s good to be clear and set an intention for who you are NOW, as who you were before falls away into distant memory. Grab a pen and paper, and start to write about it. List all the things that you choose to be NOW, and then begin to become those things in your life.

Recently, I had an epiphany around how I was showing up in the world as a friend. I had come through a time of illness in the not-so-distant past, and that situation had caused me to become quite guarded in some ways. I realized that I had become a stingy friend, set on the idea of “equal exchange” as the only way to maintain balance. I would go out of my way for a friend if and only if they went out of their way for me as well. What I came to realize was that (a) that wasn’t how things needed to be, and (b) that wasn’t really how I wanted to show up in the world. I let go of the old idea (equal exchange), and embraced the reality that the Universe will always provide balance for me. I can give and give and give as freely as I choose, and my only restriction is that I take impeccable care of myself in the process. In other words, as long as it isn’t damaging or unhealthy for me in any way, I can give endlessly. But then how do I keep from becoming drained, you ask? Well, I am constantly refilled by the Love that I direct towards myself. In addition, I have found that the Universe has a way of bringing back to me the same energy that I put out to others, in various forms. So balance is always restored, and my life has exponentially increased in Joy!

It’s time to go within and listen to the messages that are coming through you. Do you know what your Spirit-guided “Mission” is yet? We are all here to do various types of work in the world, some more mundane than others. You have “busy work” and then you have “Divine work”. Often, busy work is the stuff that shows up in your life that may pay the bills, but doesn’t light your inner being aflame. Divine work is the stuff of passion and creativity, of ease and grace, of Infinite and Unconditional Love. I believe that part of everyone’s Divine work is to show up in a powerful, supportive, and Loving way for those around us. It just feels SO wonderful to do kind things for other people- whether we know them or not. So go ahead and decide how you want to show up in the world, then take it from an intention to action and create a new reality for yourself!

Mantra of the day: unconditional love

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