Engaging The Wisdom Within

How can you engage more deeply with your Divine Self? By trusting and engaging with our intuitive messages, we forge a deeper connection to the wisest part of ourselves. It’s kind of like if you hired a consultant who was an expert in their field. You ask them to advise you, but all of their advice does no good at all unless you put it into action. As you put their words into practice, you will both be satisfied with the results, and they will gladly provide more guidance whenever you need it. On the contrary, if you never follow their advice, they will likely begin giving it less and less frequently, and maybe even stop offering it completely.

So how do you go about engaging with and encouraging your Divine Self to help guide you in your daily life? You listen to their advice! If your gut feelings tell you to do something, go somewhere, meet someone, say something, etc- then it is time to act!! Not time to hem and haw, to weigh all of your options, to try and decide whether or not it’s practical, to engage in self-doubt, to tell yourself that you are afraid, overwhelmed, etc- NO! It’s time to ACT. If your imaginary consultant (who is, you may remember, an expert in their field) gives you a knowledgeable bit of advice, you probably wouldn’t sit there and argue with them for hours on end. No, because you placed your trust in them, you would simply act.

Now, mind you, your intuitive voice is not going to show up as some screaming voice in your head, just like Spirit speaking to you doesn’t mean that the clouds part and a booming voice echoes down from the sky. This voice will be pretty quiet at first, until you can encourage it more. It will be those sneaking little ideas that pop up about going somewhere today, or calling someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. And it will take practice for you to determine what exactly this inner voice feels like. You will have to separate it from your active thoughts and emotionally-driven whims, and often you can use meditation to help do that. But the primary way that you will know is to act on things, and see where you end up. You may need to backpedal out of obligations or relationships that you step into, if you get there and realize that your guidance is telling you “No.” That’s okay, your only true obligation is to Spirit and your own Divinely guided development, so let go of any feelings that may come up.

Of course, you may argue that not every bit of guidance you act on will work out perfectly. And I will ask- well, what does it mean for something to work out perfectly? Perfect, in the eyes of Spirit, is quite different than perfect from our perspective. We can be narrow-minded, thinking perfect is only when everything goes flawlessly well and we end up a millionaire living on a tropical island somewhere. Right? But in Spirit’s eyes, perfect is whatever we need for the Soul lessons that we desire to learn! Sometimes perfect can look like a complete disaster to us! But, it is exactly what we needed. So- reserve judgment here. Our limited vision cannot always allow us to comprehend the bigger picture that our Divine Self is guiding us towards.

Above all- be brave. Know that you have a brave warrior of Spirit within you, who boldly steps forward with complete and total trust in your Divine guidance. Even if that doesn’t feel true in the moment, just try it on for size and fake it ’til you make it. I believe in you, and I trust your Higher Self and Spirit to guide you along the way!

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