Find Your Truth About Love

What are your beliefs about love? Do you believe that love is a feeling that can only transpire between two people who are well acquainted, close friends, family members, or even only between two people who are in a committed relationship? Do you believe that love is something that must be earned? Or that love should only be extended to certain people who are somehow deserving? Many of these belief systems that we cling to come from our culture, or the things that we were taught by our caregivers while growing up. Perhaps it is time to look more closely at those beliefs about love, and begin to make choices about what you want to believe going forward. Now is the perfect time to undo all of the ways in which you have been taught to love, and decide to show up in a whole new way that truly feels right to you!

Some questions that you may want to ask yourself?

– Are only “good” people deserving of love? What makes someone “good” or “bad”? Who is the judge? Is it possible that someone could be seen as “bad” and “good” at the same time, if you look at them from different perspectives? What exactly are we taking into account when making this judgment? Their spirit, or the way that they are showing up in the world right now?

– Do you need to know someone in order to love them? Are there different kinds of love? Can you love someone whom you just met? Can you love a homeless person whom you see on the street corner? Why or why not?

– Are you deserving of love? What does it feel like in your body when someone says they love you? What does it feel like in your body when you say “I love you” to someone else? If the feeling isn’t what you desire, then what would you like to feel in your body when someone says “I love you” or when you speak those words to another?

– Does your inner critic speak up when someone says they love you? If so, what does that voice say to you? Do you actually believe those things to be true about yourself? Are you willing to choose to silence that voice when it starts to interject?

It’s OKAY for the answers here to be different for everyone. It’s also OKAY for your answers to change over time. We are all finding our way and learning more about who we are and what is true for us as we go. The only thing that matters right now is to look within and be sure that the beliefs that show up in how you are living are in alignment with the true beliefs of your heart.

Mantra of the day: I choose to LOVE in whatever ways resonate with my heart, my Soul Self, my true wisdom within.


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