Finding Emotional Balance

How can we connect with and observe our emotions from an instinctual/intuitive viewpoint? Many of us are involved in some kind of emotional imbalance, or at least have been in the past. We are classically either over-emotional, where the emotions we go through overwhelm our lives and make it difficult to move forward; or we are under-emotional, where we are unconsciously repressing so much that it is challenging to feel connected to others. Emotions are a fact of life, they are not particularly good or bad, but like all things, we are best served by learning to keep a balance. Sometimes, our feelings can be a guide to us, as some people experience intuitive messages in this manner. However, to reach a point where we can tell if that is what’s happening to us, we need to engage in a healthier way of being with our emotional selves.

The trouble is that finding the balance after a lifetime of over or under emotional living can be quite a challenge. I think that people experience a lot of fear or discomfort around the process, because it often involves stepping way out of your comfort zone. I’ve spoken about balance before, and the thing about learning to live the middle way is that, first, you have to find each end of the spectrum. For example, if you are a heavily emotional person, then you must be willing to experience some level of repression in order to find the middle. On the opposite end, if you have been repressing for a long time, then choosing to feel just a little bit of emotion may open the proverbial floodgates, which must be dealt with before balance can be attained. I invite you to stay open as you explore. Without a reference of what each extreme is like, how would we ever know the center point? What I see most often is that someone will start to experiment, have a single intense experience of the opposite way of being, freak out, and retreat to their comfortable way. They believe that, by being willing to explore, they were immediately catapulted to the other end of the spectrum and that those two experiences were the only options. However, if they had let the experience unfold organically, they would have eventually found the middle way.

Perhaps it will be helpful to see yourself as a scientist and this process as an experiment. For the next 48 hours, choose to be open to new ways of relating to your emotional self. Allow yourself to have different ways of relating to your emotions, from letting them take over your whole day, to ignoring them entirely, from expressing them in detail, to keeping them to yourself. Whatever ways of being that you can comfortably (or uncomfortably) stand to observe yourself in, have those experiences. Make notes in a journal as you go. What you will begin to find is a much deeper understanding of your emotional self, and this is a stepping stone to a much deeper connection to your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance.

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