Going Against The Grain To Follow Your Intuition

Following your intuition can be challenging in our modern world- primarily because we rely so heavily on structure, schedules, responsibility, and obligation. Intuition asks you to be willing to go against any of these social constructs, if the information you are receiving seems to require it. For example, you could be about to walk out the door to go to a business meeting, and suddenly get a very strong gut feeling (an intuitive “hit”) that you should not go. Opening up to intuition goes a step further than just receiving the “hit”. Now, you are faced with a moment where you have to choose what to do with that information. Living a life where you follow your intuition requires an immense amount of courage and trust, with a healthy dose of flexibility to top it off. When that moment comes, this is your chance to be brave and call off the meeting. You don’t have to know why, you can still follow through without a clear and explicit explanation. This can be a challenge when people involved will often demand an explanation from you, especially if they feel inconvenienced by the change in plans. Some are ready to hear about they way that you follow your gut feelings, others might not be able to embrace that concept at this moment. Either way, it’s okay. It’s very important to remember that, while kindness and love towards others are very valuable in this world, it does not mean that you must bend to all of the whims or desires of other people. Sometimes your intuitive hits will lead you to act in a way that might annoy or even enrage other people. All things happen for a reason, it’s true, so maybe there is a reason that they needed to be annoyed or enraged on this particular day. As a spiritual being within a human body, your primary goal is to follow the messages that you receive from the Divine and continue on to do whatever it is that you are here on this earth to do. Trust the messages that you get, and follow through on them even when it seems like a challenge to do so. You will always be rewarded, in one way or another.

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