Live Into The Answers

Sometimes, we are faced with a period of great change in our lives, and, when it is all said and done, we just have no idea what to do next! It’s in times like these that we can push so hard to connect to our intuition that we may actually shut it down. It’s challenging to stay open to that guiding voice because typically at this moment, we are experiencing a lot of fear, and the two do not work well together. So, if you cannot connect to your inner guidance, how will you ever move on?

The answer may be that it’s time to live into your answers. What does that mean? Well, living into something is all about going through it, continuing to take steps forward. The beauty of taking steps even when you don’t know where you’re going is that the path will begin to appear in front of you along the way. Sure, you may go in the wrong direction at first, or step off the path at some point, but each time, you will be redirected to the way ahead.

Have faith in the wisdom of the Universe, even if your usual intuitive connectedness isn’t functioning normally at this moment. Understand that this all happens for a reason, and you are receiving a great lesson right now. Take a deep breath whenever you feel overwhelmed, and repeat this mantra: “I TRUST myself and I TRUST _____ (the Universe/Spirit/whatever Higher Power you believe in).” Write down one goal/dream/idea/task that you want to accomplish in your life. Then, break it down into action steps. Set a “due date” to complete the first step, and you’ll be on your way to living into your answers!


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