Daily Meditation – Living In The Moment

Living in the moment- what does that actually mean? As we continue to move forward in our growth, it is an idea that we are hearing more and more. Many people believe that, in order to truly live in the moment, you would have to somehow completely forget that the past ever happened, or make no plans at all for the future. Well, it really doesn’t have to be that black and white.

Energetically, when we are emotionally connected to things from our past, it shows up like an invisible weight hanging around our necks. Obviously, if you have a bunch of weights hanging off of you, it’s not going to be very easy to press forward. In fact, you will be likely to just give up and sit down right where you are to get a break. So, energy from attachments to the past holds us back. But we don’t have to forget it ever happened in order to let the weight go. We just have to accept it for what it was, and understand that it cannot be changed. When we do that, there will be no more purpose to thinking about how it could have gone differently, because that is a pointless line of thought. Similarly, when we are overly focused on the future, it shows up like a huge mountain out in front of us that we can never quite reach the top of. It can begin to feel like we will never get to where we want to be, either because it seems like too high to climb or we simply don’t feel capable. So, again, we are likely to just give up and sit right down where we are. Because we are afraid to go forward, afraid to “do it wrong”, etc.- we hold ourselves back from our true potential. However, we don’t need to pretend that the future doesn’t exist either.

Living in the moment, or being present, is really all about balancing our lives and dispelling our fears. When you get really caught up in something that you’re focused on, you forget to be afraid of what happened before or what might happen next. That is the space that people are talking about when they urge you to live in the present. You still carry the lessons of your past with you, and you still have an awareness of the place you are moving towards in the future- but you’re not trapped in paralyzing fear over what happened before or what lies ahead.

So how can you accomplish that? Meditation helps, whether it’s sitting silently with your eyes closed or losing track of time working at something you enjoy. Trusting that the past happened for a reason, and finding the value in the lessons that you’ve learned along the way can help too. Also, focus on trusting that you’re on this path for a reason and that you will always land on your feet, no matter what life throws your way. You cannot change the past, and the future will unfold with mystery in whatever way it has been intended. Trust in yourself and trust in Spirit to guide you.

Mantra of the day:

Mantra - Living In The Moment

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