Daily Meditation- Resolving Past Hurts

I’m sure there have been times in every one of our lives when we have had a conflict with another person that ended our relationship to them. Be it a romantic connection, friend, or family member- breaking out of certain connections sometimes includes situations where we have inflicted pain, been caused pain by another, or most frequently a combination of the two. Now that we are rising to another level energetically, you may be experiencing the reemergence of memories from those times. That is because we are being pushed to heal on all levels, including the energetic “garbage” that we still carry from negative interactions in the past. This residue, if left unresolved, is a weight on you energetically that will make it more challenging for you to progress freely.

So how can this leftover material be resolved and released? It is important, first, to take the charge out of the situation by coming to an understanding that both parties were doing the best that you each knew how based on where you were at during that time. Even the worst offenses, while you don’t need to condone the actions, can be understood from a standpoint of recognizing that people who are in pain cause pain to others. It is also important to accept your own part in what happened, realizing that you also acted from whatever emotional space you were in at that time. All can be forgiven, in that sense, because you have learned and moved forward from who you were then.

As for the energetic residue, how can that be resolved? I have had numerous past hurts to heal, and what I have found is that it often doesn’t require what we might be expecting. I have almost never needed to contact someone in their human form to heal a hurt between us. In some cases where it felt appropriate, I have done that. Many times, however, I have simply conversed with their higher self in meditation and worked to heal the space between us. You can start by sitting somewhere that you won’t be disturbed for a while, and closing your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to get present in your body, then imagine yourself asking to speak to their higher self. Once you have contacted them, you can make your amends however you feel the need to. I know that some people prefer to write, so you could also choose to write a letter to their higher self and say whatever you need to say. Extend your forgiveness to them as well, at the very least in the form of understanding the circumstances that caused them to inflict their pain on you.

Finally, take the time to extend unconditional love to this person. You can envision them surrounded in bright pink light, and even fill the space between you with that healing light of love as well. Release all negative connections, allowing the attachment between you to be dissolved completely.

Mantra of the day:

Mantra - Healing Past Hurts

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