Daily Meditation – Finding Hidden Stores of Emotion Within

For those of us who have ever repressed our emotions around any kind of hurt or trauma, however big or small, the Universe may set us up to excavate those emotions in the present time. What does this mean? Well, have you ever had an event happen in your current life that you reacted to far more deeply than the situation might require? Perhaps something was said, or you read an article that was shared on Facebook, or you watched a favorite TV show- and suddenly, you found yourself on the edge of a deep well of old emotion. It can be a scary moment. The easiest response would be to tell yourself this has nothing to do with the present moment and move on without dealing with it. You can send that emotion back into the recesses of your being and leave it there forever, if that’s what you choose.

However, this moment is an opportunity. Now is the chance to release whatever depth of emotion that you have found you were holding within. You don’t need to carry it around forever. Usually, you won’t begin to uncover the emotion until you have already consciously re-framed the way that you look at the situation that caused it. Shifting and healing in your conscious mind is a wonderful first step, but it is not the end to resolving a past trauma or hurt. If your emotions are beginning to surface, then the next step has just appeared to you. This process cannot really be forced, it should show up as a natural progression when you are ready to handle it.

So now is the time to get it all out. I don’t mean to be destructive, to cause pain, to feel that your emotion is a free pass to speak or act without regard for the well-being of yourself and others. I am talking about finding safe and productive ways to give your feelings some space to be felt. Processing emotions safely is all about moving through them and releasing them as you are able, not dwelling in them forever. Ask for the help of a trusted friend or a therapist to witness your journey, support you in your action steps to move forward for your highest good, and hold you accountable to release safely and completely. Emotion can feel scary, but this is just part of being human. It’s nice to know that it’s something we all have experienced in one way or another. And Spirit wants to remind you that you are never alone.

Mantra of the day: I ask for the help I need, and I remember that I am never alone.

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