Daily Meditation – June 25th, 2013

We are meant to be diverse beings in this life, taking on a variety of “work” that feeds our Souls. The “work” that we are meant to be enjoying is not necessarily related to our Earthly idea of work. We may consider work to be a chore, work is often another word for the things that we have to do but don’t really want to. The “work” that feeds our Souls is actually much closer to our concept of the word “play”. Soul “work” is expressing all the aspects of who you are in a way that feels amazingly good.

What forms of yourself have you been active in lately? What aspects of who you are have you been neglecting?

It can be challenging to stay in touch with all parts of ourselves when we fill our lives up with full time jobs and other obligations. However, this is the ideal time to begin to explore more of who you are. Begin to listen again to the sparks of inspiration that come to you. Write down the ideas that come through. Write down the things that you have been too afraid to try. We are halfway through 2013, so it is the perfect time to create a list of the things that you are going to do by the end of the year. Make it a big list, at least 50 items, let your imagination guide you, and dig into that adventurous nature of yours. Allow yourself to diversify who you consider yourself to be. Become open to the truth that you might be incredibly well-suited for something that you’ve never even tried before. Sometimes we have innate abilities that we aren’t even aware of.

Are you still feeling like your calendar is too full to take on the things that you’ve put on your magically inspired to-do list? That is a clear sign that it’s time to scale back on the things that you’re doing that don’t bring you joy. Let go of everything that isn’t yours. Now, post your adventures for 2013 somewhere that you will see them often, then begin to cross things off the list!

Mantra of the day: I am a diverse and talented being. I embrace the adventure of trying new things. I face my fears and, in overcoming them, find all the Joy that life has to bring.

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