Daily Meditation – June 26th, 2013

Reaching the end of a cycle of your life can feel scary. You KNOW on some level that it is time to let go, and yet there are so many parts of you that just want to hang on anyway. It can be the end of a job, a relationship, or even a role that you’ve played for some time now.

Let go of the idea that the world is working against you as this cycle comes to a close. When we lose something, it is always for a reason. We are being cleared out for something new to come in once the time is right. You are not being punished, you are being grown. On a Soul level, you need this cycle to end so that you can move up to the next level of understanding. Now is the time to mother yourself in every way that you know how. Do not try to block your emotional expression, but instead hold yourself gently as you release. Stay true to how you are feeling right now. There is no need to put on a front of positivity or put on a happy face if that is not where you’re at. At the same time, do not drown in the loss and blame everything and everyone around you. You may be tempted to feel that way, but your Inner Wisdom is in touch with a deeper truth.

Every death is a chance for rebirth. In fact, there cannot ever be new life without a death beforehand to feed it. Consider the cycles of the Earth. Animals grow and die, and they break down in the Earth before they feed the growth of new plant life, which in turn new animals to grow and flourish. You are in the breakdown part of the cycle right now, and it sometimes feels just as tumultuous as it sounds. Nurture yourself and honor the end of the previous cycle. Allow the Universe to carry you forward, even when it seems that you cannot find the strength within yourself.

Mantra of the day: I allow myself to gently release the things in my life that are passing away. I trust that the Universe will hold me and carry me through the breakdown. New growth will return when the time is right.

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