Daily Meditation – Understanding Your Power

Do you truly understand how powerful you are? In our world, we often equate power with control, but it is not in that sense that you should seek power. Control is only an idea, it is never a reality because we cannot ever truly control another person or thing. Self-control is often about squashing the negative symptoms of our issues, instead of seeking and healing the deeper cause. Power is about who you are at your innermost core. It is related to the way that you can change your perceptions- and thus, your circumstances- at any time that you choose. Power is about how you show up in the world- loving yourself, living your passion, loving and giving to others, being present, etc.

We always have choice- we can continue on in a negative way, seeing ourselves as victims of circumstance, or we can choose to try something new. How can you use your power to shift your experience? There are many sources of information available, but I believe that the key is in connecting with Spirit and your Higher Self through intuition.

Many people wonder how to know when their intuition is coming to them. One book that I particularly enjoy on the subject is “Trust Your Vibes” by Sonia Choquette. (available here) In it, the author details many different ways that your intuition can show up. The most basic form of intuition, that I believe everyone can access on some level, is a “gut feeling”. Quite literally, this often shows up as a good or bad feeling in your gut. Another form of intuition is to follow up whenever a synchronicity or coincidence appears. Those are usually signs to pay attention becuase there is something more to be discovered.

Believing in a more powerful version of yourself is the key to letting go of the illusion of control and being able to trust your intuition. Know that, even if you can’t see it right now, there is a Soul version of you that exists far beyond the self that you see today. That Higher version of you may be obscured by your existence in a small human body, but you are connected from there directly to the Source, God, Universal Energy, or whatever you choose to call it. This connection is what allows you to access your inner knowing. It is also the mechanism that facilitates the manifestation of reality based on your belief system, deepest thoughts, and prayers. Thus, it is the basis of your incredible power, if you choose to accept it as such.

Mantra of the day: I am a strong and powerful spiritual being. I use my power to increase the amount of joy that I experience, helping others to see their own potential in the process.

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