Daily Meditation – July 1st, 2013

Do you find that you have difficulty trusting other people? Perhaps previous experiences in your life where you were hurt are getting in the way now. There are so many different moments along the way in life where we can slowly lose our ability to trust. And once we have lost it, we begin to blame other people. We say to ourselves, “Well, sure, I don’t trust that person. But that is because they don’t DESERVE my trust”- or some similar statement.

In reality, our ability to trust other people has it’s roots in our own internal experience. We choose not to trust externally because, deep down, we are not trusting ourselves internally. Trusting yourself seems like such a simple concept too, but in reality, it has a deep and vast meaning in terms of how you view your life. We can lose trust in ourselves early on in this life, when people tell us what we see/think/feel/etc is not real or valid simply because they disagree. We can lose trust in ourselves when we are punished for failing at something, instead of encouraged to get back out there and try again. These are common themes in our world, at no fault of those who may have helped us lose our faith in our inner voice. They simply did what they thought was best at the time. The wonderful thing is that now we can begin to learn to trust ourselves again.

When you trust yourself completely, you believe in the messages that come from your heart. Not the messages from your thinking mind, but the knowing that comes from a deeper place within you. When you trust yourself completely, you are able to stand strong in your inner knowing without doubt or questioning, without being afraid that what you feel might be a little silly or totally wrong. When you trust yourself completely, you give in and ALLOW who you are to be SEEN. That means that not only do you stand strong in your inner wisdom, but you have no qualms about people knowing it. I don’t mean in an abrasive “I’m right and you’re wrong” kind of way either. Because if you trust yourself fully, then you also recognize that you don’t need to be certain of any single truth, and you definitely don’t need to attempt to apply any single truth to other people. When you trust yourself fully, you shift on a moments notice, following the flow of the Universe as YOU feel called to do. Yes, you still learn from others and gain new knowledge, but you know the rhythm of your inner drum and you test any new information to see if it matches that beat.

This is the next step in our journey. It may take some time, or it could be quick. Be open to whatever your experience looks like. Invite your Angels and Spirit Guides to help you through this transition. You will find that once you step into trusting yourself fully, you will suddenly find it much easier to fully trust the Universe and the people that you are close to.

Mantra of the day: I trust myself fully, release all fear, and stand strong in my inner knowing. I trust myself fully, and allow myself to be seen for who I truly am.

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