Daily Meditation – July 8th, 2013

When you are at the high points in your life, it can be scary to think about losing it all. There is a certain trepidation that comes with success, and it is all about the risk of future failure. The larger the undertaking, the bigger the project, the more far-reaching your work becomes, the fear can grow exponentially. That is why it is important to build a strong foundation of trust, self-care, faith, and- above all- love for yourself. If you always prioritize following your intuition and living in a way that embodies the practice of loving yourself fully, then there is no height which could be too high. You will no longer have to fear falling, because the things that you value most can never be taken away from you.

Fear of loss only applies when we leave our focus on financial or material gain, when we invest all of our love in another person, or when we only feel valuable because of how others perceive us to be. When loving yourself is your highest priority, you can rest assured because you will never lose your own support.

Now, this is not to say that connection with others isn’t valuable, because it certainly is. The whole purpose of learning to love ourselves fully is the precursor to engaging in the most deep and positive interpersonal relationships that could ever be imagined. When we love ourselves completely, we are able to show up as our authentic selves with our loved ones, and enable them to reveal who they truly are as well. Nothing is too dark, too deep, too scary, too emotional to be shared between two authentic people who trust themselves and each other. When we stand strongly in self-love, we enable all those around us to wake up to that possibility within themselves.

These are just some of the reasons why exploring the ever-continuing path towards self-love is the most valuable journey you could ever undertake. I encourage you to travel on and on as the path continues to appear, clearing any brush where it has overgrown, stopping to rest and honor your feelings when you feel overwhelmed, trusting your gut when the map gets lost, ever-seeking new levels of love for yourself. You are a Divine being, you are a spark of the whole Universe contained within one body, you are a single and perfect wave in the sea of all that is. You are deserving and capable of loving yourself more than you can even imagine. This is your reminder to stay on the path, even if the way seems unclear, seek always and forever to truly understand just how vastly beautiful and amazing you are.

Mantra of the day: Today, I love myself more deeply than ever before. I am a single spark of light in a sea of brightness, and I am far more beautiful and amazing than I ever realized.

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