Daily Meditation – June 11th, 2013

With all of the transition that has been taking place for a while now, many of us are still in the midst of a huge shift (or shifts) in our lives. It could be external in the form of something like an ending of a job or a relationship, or internal in the form of something more like a complete overhaul of how you look at the world. It could even be both.

The message today is to continue to create more and more space for what it is that YOU need right now. While you may be caught up in responsibilities and obligations, there is a great value to slowing down and saying ‘no’ at the moment. This has been a common theme as of late, but we are learning deeper and deeper levels of self-care for a reason. The ultimate purpose of asking for what you need, and slowing down to take on only the projects and people who feel right to you on a soul level, is a greater sense of exactly who you are. As we set down the idea of responsibility, or a concrete right and wrong in terms of following through on things that we consider to be obligations, we can tune in more and more to our intuition. By listening to what your Divine Self needs, and then acting on those needs by creating space for them, you are strengthening your energetic field and making it easier to continue to the next phase in your life. Do you think you’ve already slowed down as much as possible? Notice what comes up around slowing down even further. Remember that this is a temporary process, for the space that you open up by saying no will soon be filled with bigger and better opportunities to advance towards your greater purpose.

Perhaps you are in a situation that you have not slowed down to assess. Now is the time to do so. You may have to respectfully let go of some things that you’ve promised to do, and that’s okay. Explain lovingly and hold strong through any obstacles. Ask for help when you need it, such as if you need a break from caring for your children. Find someone who will lovingly be with them while you take the break that you need. You will still remain in your integrity overall, even if you break your word at this time. It would be dishonest to continue on with something that you know isn’t right for you. At the moment, your well-being, rest, renewal, and focus on your own needs are more important than any responsibility or obligation.

Mantra of the day: I listen to what my Soul is saying, and I trust the guidance that comes from my Divine Self.

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