Daily Meditation – June 12th, 2013

What is your value? What is your worth?

Think about the first answer that comes to mind when these questions are asked. How you see your own value is important, because it affects how you feel about receiving. It could be receiving in the form of love, kind words, gifts, etc. If you have trouble receiving gracefully, then you may on some levels have become disconnected from your worthiness. It is time to awaken to your own inherent value. Our value as individuals on a SOUL level is not tied into anything that we commonly consider valuable in our society. You have a value that cannot be taken away from you. I don’t care if you have no money, no job, if you haven’t gotten out of bed in a week, if you yelled at a loved one this morning, if you forgot to clean the kitchen, if you broke a promise, if you broke someone’s heart, and so on- nothing we do or don’t do, have or don’t have in this physical plane can reduce our inherent value.

You are here on this Earth for a reason. You are the singular incarnation of your particular set of gifts. You have something to offer the world that absolutely nobody else can offer. The science of conception shows the magical moment that took place, a one in a million chance, where you came through to inhabit a physical body. You are meant to be here, and you are meant to walk this path. Awaken to this truth. Seek connection to your Soul Self. See your beauty, your value, your immense worth. If you cannot see it clearly today, look at pictures of yourself as a child. You are still as precious and amazing in your adult form- even more so! Embracing and understanding just how infinitely valuable you are is your challenge today! Much love to you all and may you see your truly beautiful selves!

Mantra of the day: I am a gorgeous, magical, wise, worthy, funny, loving, one-of-a-kind Soul Being who is deserving of all that life has to offer!

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