Daily Meditation – June 14th, 2013

What do you enjoy the most? What can you do that makes you happy and brings you joy? What are some of your favorite things? When we think about the little pleasures in life, most of us consider them to be frivolous “wants” and not “needs”. We often relegate our enjoyment to the bottom of the to-do list, with all sorts of “more important” things taking up our time and energy. What if we were to create some boundaries for time to do whatever it is that we enjoy? Set certain hours where we were required to engage in these wonderfully fun activities? We set hours where we are required to work, so why not set hours where we absolutely must have fun?

Some people feel there is a negative quality to enjoying life too much. Do we fear tipping the scales and ending up in a place where we ONLY do things we enjoy? Sometimes pleasure is equated with negativity in the idea that indulging ourselves will lead to becoming selfish, overindulgent, lazy, irresponsible, or even sinful. I believe that if you listen to your inner wisdom, clear your energetic space regularly, honor your body, and do your inner healing work as it arises, then doing the things that bring you joy will be life-giving and positive for both you and the people around you. It is only the “pleasures” that arise from our wounded selves that cause imbalance and negativity. I say “pleasures” because we know that, truthfully, these things actually cause us harm/pain. True pleasure comes from activities that are full of Love, Light, and life-giving. What can you do right now that would be full of fun and positive energy?

Mantra of the day: I engage in joyful and life-giving pleasurable activities. I listen to my inner wisdom and get creative to make more time for fun/play/laughter every day!

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