Daily Meditation – June 15th, 2013

Do you feel like listening to your intuition is difficult because you just don’t know what your Soul Self sounds like yet? For someone who is just beginning to experience tapping in to their intuition, meditation is recommended. Why? Because if we can get into a space where the mind is quiet, we can hear more from our heart and our physical body (where our intuition comes through without the interruption of our thoughts). That might sound like a funny concept, and at first, it certainly is. Allow yourself to be curious and open to possibility.

How do you begin to listen to your heart and your body? Check in with your physical body first. Get quiet by sitting in a place where you won’t be interrupted. Let your eyes close and take a few deep breaths. Then, notice what your body feels like today. Try to reserve judgement (what you feel doesn’t have to be good or bad) and just feel whatever comes up. If a particular place in your body is attracting your attention, listen to see if there is a message there. Listen to see if there’s something your body needs. It may sound crazy, but just be open to whatever pops into your head in response! Then, shift your focus to your emotional body and notice what you’re feeling there. Ask if there’s something you need to support your emotional self and, again, just be open to whatever you hear!

A lot of people think that following the guidance of your emotional and physical bodies could lead to just crying all day, or laying around eating cake instead of going for a run and eating a salad. The truth is that, if you’re not used to attending to the requests of your body and your emotional self, this could be true at first. If you’ve built up years of self-neglect or self-denial, then the initial return to caring for yourself could be scary and even feel overwhelming. It may seem like an eruption of need because when you’ve held the pendulum at one end for so long, it needs to swing to the other extreme before it can eventually settle in the middle. Do your best to allow this extreme to be expressed, knowing it is just a temporary part of the process. Uncomfortable, yes, but all growth stems from stepping into our discomfort. Once you attend to these needs regularly, you will begin to hear clear guidance from your emotional and physical bodies that is health-supporting and positive. Your physical body might say “do yoga and eat a salad” because that feels good and promotes health. (Occasionally, it will most likely still request cake! All things in moderation…) Your emotional body might say “Slow down a bit” or “Say no to that request”, but it will not usually tell you to stay in bed for a week straight and let your house become caked in dirt. (Unless that’s what you truly need. If you ARE guided to lay in bed for a week straight, then perhaps it is time to find ways to cover your responsibilities and lay in bed for a week…) Whatever you hear when you tune in, do your best to courageously honor the guidance that comes up!

Mantra of the day: I tune in to my inner voice by listening to my heart and my physical body. I bravely follow through on what my intuition is telling me, even when it means facing my discomfort.

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