Daily Meditation – June 17th, 2013

As you move forward in the world, it is helpful to let go of any ideas you hold about who you are or how the world works. By releasing what we believe to be true about ourselves, we allow space to grow and expand in new ways. This time in the Universe is all about rapid growth and expansion, but we will move forward more freely if we can shift our ways of thinking.

You may be unconsciously holding on to your old ways through thoughts about yourself (i.e. I am a stubborn person. I don’t like change. I am not good at opening my heart. etc), thoughts about the world around you (People are mean and angry. Life is hard. There is never enough money. Nobody loves me. etc), or even thoughts about the state of your health (I am sick. I am old. My body hurts. My illness is ____. etc). All of these patterns of thought come together to create our reality, because these thoughts are our perception. What you focus on through your perception of things is what you will see all around you in life. I’ve given you the negative example, but be fluid in the positive traits you see in yourself as well. What you are growing into could be even bigger than you previously imagined!

The first step in shifting these patterns is to let go of the definitive nature of these statements. Allow yourself room to change, and allow the world around you room to change too. Forget what you were yesterday, and forget what you think you should be. Let yourself be a brand new person every morning when you wake up and start a new day. Anything is possible! As our cells grow and die within the body, we are fully replaced by new cells on a regular basis. You are, in fact, not even physically in the same body that you were inhabiting several years ago!

Mantra of the day: I release all past perceptions about myself and the world around me. I allow space for who I am to continually grow and expand.

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