Daily Meditation – June 20th, 2013

You are a powerful being, whether you are aware of it or not. You have the ability within you to shift and transform yourself, thereby changing the world around you as well. You may have been told your whole life that changing the world is not possible, and certainly not by the effect just one person can have. It’s time to let those beliefs go because they just simply aren’t true. Embrace the fact that anything is possible, and start to dream big! Nourish your Soul by seeking out things that bring you joy and give you life. Give yourself permission to remove anything or anyone from your life that weighs you down or drains you. You are here to be free and joyful and ecstatic! Anything less is not necessary, no matter what other people may think. Embrace the beautiful Soul Gifts that you are here to share with the world! Not sure what those gifts are yet? Try whatever calls to your heart, begin to explore whatever it is that you Love to be a part of, and you will find your way!

Mantra of the day: I have the ability to heal and transform myself, which also heals everything around me. I embrace the innate power that I have to change the world.

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