Daily Meditation – June 29th, 2013

Are you doubting yourself because someone in your life is judging your choices? Or perhaps someone is even blaming you for something that is happening in their own life? Many of us are going through phases of transition in our lives right now, where situations are rapidly growing and changing. When this happens, there will be “growing pains”, just as when the physical body has periods of quick growth. Understand that emotions will undoubtedly run high at such a time, and this can manifest in many different ways.

To overcome any doubts that you may be carrying about yourself, it is important to remember who you are. Find a safe space to sit quietly where you will not be disturbed, and check in to your core being. See if you can tap into the deeper wisdom within you to become aware of the traits that make up who you are. Compare those truths to your doubts, and watch any hesitation fall away. You cannot be carried away in unfounded fears when you KNOW who you are.

It would also be wise to create personal boundaries to be sure that others who are unknowingly throwing dark clouds of judgement and blame at you are no longer allowed in your space. Understand that they are struggling through a difficult time as well, and don’t have the same tools to see clearly and handle their emotions differently. It’s all okay, because you are strong enough to move through this, and you understand how to keep yourself healthy energetically. Continue to do regular grounding and clearing meditations. Part of the process of clearing can involve ending connection to those who are feeding off of your energy by tapping in to you with judgement and blame. These dramas are deeply exhausting to you because the person or people involved are connecting to your energetic field and drawing off of you to further fuel the negativity. It is not your job to fix them or to support them, it is your job to maintain the boundaries that you need in order to keep your energy high and be able to do your work in the world. Their shift, healing, knowledge, expansion, etc. are all their own responsibility. They know who you are and what you do, if they become ready and open to change, they will come and ask you for help. Until then, they are not your problem and you will do well to maintain appropriate boundaries. It’s okay to feel sad when you break a connection to someone, but know it is something that you likely agreed to before you came in to this life as an essential part of your own spiritual growth.

Mantra of the day: I release self-doubt because, on a deeper level, I KNOW who I am.

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