Daily Meditation – June 3rd, 2013

You may find yourself in the midst of the process of opening. And, oh, what a painful process it can be! When it feels like everything is falling apart, trust that everything is indeed actually falling together. Something must be removed from your life to make space for a new thing that will be more suited to your path and your purpose. What is the best way to be in these times? Open, accepting, and full of compassion for yourself. When it gets tough and you feel grief and sadness to the very bone, let it be. Feel that grief and sadness with every ounce of your being, until you are ready to let it go. Ask for support. Ask for someone to make food for you. Ask for someone to come by and check in on you. Rely on those around you to help in whatever way feels best. Then release those feelings from your body when you are ready.

How will you know what to do next? Doors of opportunity (or sometimes windows) will begin to appear in front of you. If you feel unsure that these doors are right for you, get quiet in meditation and check in with your body to see how it feels about what is in front of you. Nothing happens as an accident, there is always a purpose or a reason. Open as many doors and windows as arrive that feel right. Then simply trust and allow Spirit to work magic!

Mantra of the day: I am open to new and wonderful opportunities that come before me. I trust that Spirit is guiding me and I believe in the magic!

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