Daily Meditation – June 4th, 2013

Anger is always appropriate, as it is a necessary piece of our emotional experience in this lifetime. Anger needs to be expressed and it also needs to be heard. Too often, we are afraid to express what we might view to be a “bad” emotion. Or, we hold it in so long, that we have now turned it into rage, and it’s expression becomes volatile and unexpected. We can even repress our anger so deeply that we have no idea how to begin to express it anymore. It is time to learn to embrace your anger when it comes up, to express it and be heard in a safe way so that you can fully release it from your body. Perhaps the safest space to be witnessed in your most intense emotions is in nature. The spirits of the trees are so grounded through their roots and they hold a steadfast, strong space for healing. Go into nature and release your anger. You can use your voice, you can use a drum, you can use whatever feels most expressive to you. Allow yourself to be witnessed by the spirits of nature. Thank them for holding this space for you. By moving through the most overwhelming depths of anger, you will begin to transform it and find your power within. But first, you must be sure that you are not holding it back within you.

* Often, when we feel anger, it may be directed at something external. Another person, a thing, an idea, something that has happened, etc. It is important to remember that the root of what we are feeling is internal, even if something external is provoking us. That is why the recommendation is to release in your own safe space. It is inevitable that there will be times when anger comes out towards another person because you simply cannot contain it anymore. This is usually the product of past repression, which we may not have been previously aware of. When these moments occur, understand that perhaps your expression was for the greater good in some way we cannot see. Take responsibility for the energy you put out to someone by drawing your angry words and actions back to yourself in meditation and releasing them to the Earth below to be turned into Love. Be gentle and forgiving with yourself, and make further anger expression in a safe space a priority in your schedule. Offer words of apology directly if they feel needed, or meditate and visualize the other person surrounded by a pink light of Love and Healing.

Mantra of the day: I experience my emotions fully, expressing them when they arise, releasing them from my body. By honoring the emotions that come through me, I transform their energy into something new.

2 thoughts on “Daily Meditation – June 4th, 2013

  1. erikalovestina

    Thank you Leisha for the reminder. I love the idea that we can honor our human. Now, I’m off to find a tree….

    Thank you for being a part of my healing. Your readings, your gentle coaching, your follow up have all been so intregal to me as I experience this awesome season of releasing and healing.

    Love you!


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