Daily Meditation – June 5th, 2013

When we have a strong sense of self, it is much easier to be out in the world without being swayed by those around us. In the same way, when our energetic body is strong and we are aware of how it feels, we will become a lot less open to picking up other people’s negative energy.

By sitting in meditation regularly, you can become more and more aware of what your own aura (energetic space) feels like. It is helpful to check in every morning and see how you feel that day. In addition to becoming aware of how your energetic body feels, also tune in to the way that your physical body feels.

Checking in this way will give you a baseline to measure from throughout the day. You will become more aware of how your physical and energetic bodies are affected by the things in your life. We can feel shifts from certain activities, what we eat, being around other people, even thinking of other people. Notice how each thing makes you feel. This is how you will know what is right for you and what is not. There may be some wonderful, seemingly life-affirming things out there in the world that just don’t feel right in your energy field. I have experienced this with other people. There are people who I absolutely love, respect, enjoy, and yet- when we are in the same space, I get a terrible feeling inside. Don’t read too deeply into these reactions, just follow the wisdom of your body. Perhaps there is something in that connection for me that would lead me in a direction that isn’t best. I just trust it. Some things cannot be explained.

Mantra of the day: I pay attention to the way that things feel in my energetic and physical bodies. I stay centered in Love and calmly leave behind anything that doesn’t feel good to me.

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