Daily Meditation – Love and Healing Light

Love and Healing Light is available to you all the time, whenever you need support in any way. You can do a simple and quick meditation to tap into the source of this energy any time that you start to feel weighed down or held back in any way. It can even replace your morning coffee as a new way to energize your entire system. What is the source of this Love and Healing Light? Well, people call it by many different names. Spirit, Divine Source, The Universe, God, etc. The moniker is not the important part. What matters is that you understand that this resource is available to you, to help you stay strong and continue moving forward on your journey.

One of the most useful ways to incorporate this Love and Light Energy into your life is to use it to overcome your fears. Set your intention to connect to this Source in order to increase the Love within you and release any and all fear that you are facing. Our biggest fears are usually around the idea of not being ____ enough (good enough, smart enough, educated enough, etc.) and around what it feels like to put our true selves out into the world. These fears absolutely must be faced with courage in order to fulfill our Divine purpose in this lifetime.

Set aside 15 minutes to connect to this fear-busting Light Energy. Find a quiet place to sit in meditation, where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath. Let any distracting thoughts that enter your mind melt away without judgment. Clear any fear or negativity from your energetic space (within your body, in front of you, behind you, to your left, to your right, above you, and below you) and release it all to the Earth below. The Earth will turn all of this energy into Love. Then, once you have released fear, bring your attention up to the highest point you can imagine, out in the cosmos. Find the Love and Healing Light from whatever you call your Source, and bring it down to the top of your head, and then down through your entire body. Allow it to exit through the soles of your feet and travel down to the center of the Earth, grounding you through that connection. Then, bring the Loving Energy of the Earth back up that cord to the soles of your feet, and up through your entire body, connecting back to the cosmos out the crown of your head. Breathe deeply and allow your connection to Love and Healing Light to energize your entire being. When you feel complete, gently allow your eyes to open.

Fears can be persistent, and sometimes return again until we can change the ways we think that allow them in. Continue using this meditation technique as often as you need to.

Mantra of the day: I connect with the Love and Healing Light of my Source to energize my entire being. This Love overcomes all fears within so that I am free to fulfill my Divine purpose.

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