Daily Meditation – May 22nd, 2013

Many of us are cycling through some intense changes lately. Things may seem to be moving faster than you can keep up with, and you may be feeling overwhelmed by all that you’re facing at the moment. Releasing is a big part of change, and the process can feel deeply painful. Honor the emotions that you are experiencing right now by giving them space to be fully expressed. Cry, wail, scream, pound your fists- express what you’re feeling in a safe way that feels good and isn’t damaging to those around you. Connect your feet to the Earth and release your sadness and anger to Her- she will turn these energies into something positive to grow anew. Be patient with the process right now. All of this transition is quick and feels crazy, but it will come to an end all that much sooner as a result.

Mantra for the day: Breathe in deeply to draw in love and peace, exhale to release anger and sadness. Repeat.

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