Daily Meditation – May 23rd, 2013

Look for confirmation of your path in the little things. Many of us are moving forward into new territory, exploring things that we hardly even imagined before. The scenery of your life may be changing drastically and sometimes it’s hard to be sure if you are moving in the right direction. Spirit provides confirmation for us along the way, but we have to pay attention to these signs to truly see them. Remember that there is no such thing as coincidence. Those moments where something works out perfectly, some chaos unexpectedly aligns, someone appears in your life at just the right moment, or you have a strong sense of deja vu- these are just some examples of Spirit confirming your direction. Pay attention, and celebrate when these moments arrive. If you feel lost in a fog, and nothing seems clear, hold faith that the path is indeed unfolding before you. It may not seem so at the moment, but you are learning lessons that will carry you forward.

Mantra for the day: All is well, let go and trust in Spirit.

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