Daily Meditation – May 24th, 2013

It is important as we move through life to stay centered in a place of LOVE. When we focus on the love that we already feel, it continues to grow all around us. Releasing fears is a huge part of fully embracing love in your life. What are you afraid of? It’s time to let those things go. You are on your path and all is well, your Spirit Guides are always there to assist you. Ask them for help in releasing your fears, then be sure to ask them to help you fill the empty space left behind with love.

Manifest LOVE in every aspect of your life. Make it your primary goal. Tonight is a Full Moon that is also an Eclipse and a Super Moon (because the Moon is extremely close to the Earth)- so it is an extremely powerful time for manifestation. Call in more LOVE by sitting quietly with the Moon tonight (outside if you can) and setting your intention. Offer up all that you are thankful for, and feel your capacity for love expanding. All love begins with self-love, so remember to include in your intentions that you will take wonderful care of yourself and ensure that your needs are always being met. And so it is.

Mantra for the day: I am surrounded by ever increasing beauty and love.

(If you want, you can read more about tonight’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Super Moon here.)

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