Daily Meditation – May 26th, 2013

When we think negative thoughts or speak negative words about another person, it is in essence a psychic attack on their well-being. Your thoughts energetically travel to that person and your negative energy creates a dark spot in their energetic body. This is true even if they are never aware of the thoughts you think or the words you speak about them. Your negativity will not only deepen their own negative experience, but it will make it even harder for them to come to a place of healing and self-love within. Often, we do not even realize that we are having this effect. Our harmful thoughts can even take the form of pity, which we may mistake for compassion. “It’s so sad…”, “They need help”, “I can’t believe they’re doing that”, “What a mess”… these are all ways that we are adding to the negativity that other people experience. By sending these thoughts, we are increasing the sea of anger, frustration, violence, self-hatred, shame, and self-harm that some people around us are lost in. Be especially aware of how we collectively send this negativity to people in the spotlight of celebrity or various other highly visible positions.

So how can we begin to turn this around and have a positive impact on our world? When you encounter or think about someone who you might normally dislike or feel sorry for, first remember that we are all doing the best we can from what we know. Recognize that people themselves are never inherently bad, even if their actions are severely harmful. You do not need to remain in the presence with people who are negative, you can envision them surrounded in the pink light of love and send them on their way. By doing this, you are not causing them more harm in the process. If you have already sent negativity, simply draw your own energy back to yourself and release it to the Earth below to be transformed into love. Then, imagine yourself and the other person to both be wrapped in the light of love. Do not beat yourself up, just be aware of your effect and take responsibility for cleaning it up. By seeing the inherent good in people, and allowing them the space to show up in a different way when they are ready, you are energetically empowering that person to begin to find healing and self-love.

Mantra of the day: I send the healing light of love to all my enemies, who may indeed be some of my greatest teachers.

1 thought on “Daily Meditation – May 26th, 2013

  1. Ann

    Wow…this was a powerful one for me. I actually have felt these ‘dark spots’ in my own space. I also love your solution for pulling your own stuff back when you realize you are the one doing the ‘spotting’! Great blog!


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