Daily Meditation – May 27th, 2013

Spirit communicates with us in many ways. Are you listening? Quiet your mind for a little while and see what inspiration arrives. Offer up any dilemma you may be facing and ask for guidance. It may arrive in the form of a sudden solution becoming apparent to you, or it could be a quiet repetitive voice within. Sometimes guidance from Spirit comes through a friend or through our dreams. However it comes, you will know it has arrived when it feels right. Listen to your intuition because it is the voice of your Higher Self guiding you. Your gut feeling is not to be ignored, because it is full of wisdom. Do you feel too emotionally connected to the situation to get clear on a response? Try using your body to answer. Stand up straight and let your arms relax by your sides. Get centered and grounded by taking a few deep breaths, clearing your aura of energy that is not your own, and connecting through the soles of your feet and the base of your spine to the Earth below. Relax your mind completely and ask your body to show you a yes response. Notice what happens. Ask your body to show you a no response and notice that as well. Ask it to show you unknown. Then begin to ask questions and see what responses your body gives.

Whenever you receive guidance from any source, it is always wise to test this advice and see if it feels right for you. You can envision the outcome and see how it makes you feel. Trust what feels right in your heart and be bold as you embrace the next step on your path.

Mantra of the day: I trust the wisdom of Spirit and recognize that I am always being guided.

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