Daily Meditation – May 30th, 2013

We all have days where we just feel exhausted, where our energy is low and we sometimes can’t even explain why. Our constant connection to technology can contribute to this in many ways. For the physical body, there is the eye strain from screen use, the shoulder and wrist strain from using a keyboard, and so on and so forth. For the energetic body, there is the draining property of the electromagnetic waves that many of our devices emit. It is helpful to schedule regular breaks from all of your devices (phone, computer, e-reader, etc) and make sure that you take some time away. Clear your energetic space and get connected to the Earth. Cook yourself a wonderful, nutritious meal. Take a long bath with some epsom salt and lavender essential oil. Go outside and put your feet in the grass or dirt, feel the sunshine on your face. Whatever feels amazing and helps you to renew your energetic stores. Then, when you go back to your devices (because they ARE useful in moderation)- become aware of your energetic space beforehand (your aura) and set the intention that your energy will remain strong and not be drained.

(Another tip: Many of us are empathic on varying levels, so using social networking sites can be draining for us on a whole different level. Be aware of taking on other people’s emotional stuff from the posts that you are reading. If you find yourself processing for your friends in this way, ground and clear your space* and then create a bubble around yourself and set the intention that only love and positive energy can come through.)

Mantra of the day: I am in charge of my energetic space, and I take immaculate care of myself to maintain my energy levels. I deflect any exhausting energies that do not belong to me.

* Looking for more information on grounding and clearing your space? I have an audio recording available on the Downloads page!

1 thought on “Daily Meditation – May 30th, 2013

  1. erikalovestina

    Thank you Leisha.
    I took your advice. I unplugged, cooked a kale fennel garlic bowl of yummyness, gave Tina a facial with one of my organic face blends I’m working on and went outside to ground!!! I feel newly energized… Thank you for your awesome reminder!!!!!!!


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