Daily Meditation – What Does It Mean To Love Yourself?

What does it truly mean to love yourself? Des it mean to take a break every day for yoga or meditation? Does it mean treating yourself to your favorite kind of coffee every morning? Does it mean going to the gym and getting in a good workout?

Well, let’s look at what it means to love another person. And when we do this, lets include the idea of unconditional love. When you love someone else, sure, you will probably accommodate all sorts of lovely things for them- from their favorite coffee in the morning to a yoga break at the end of the day. But this alone is not the basis for love. Love is greater than just caring for someone. Love extends in many different ways. When you love someone, you become their greatest cheerleader, supporting every wish or desire they can possibly dream of. When you love someone, you bask in the light of their beauty as often as you are able. When you love someone, you believe that they are infinitely capable of allowing magic to happen in the world. When you love someone, you can only imagine speaking the sweetest and kindest words to them. When you love someone, their very being makes you sing with joy.

So how does it look to unconditionally love yourself?

It means that you are your own biggest fan, believing fully and completely in every single endeavor that you take on. It means that you support every wish and dream that comes to you, from a fragile little seedling all the way to full expression. It means that you bask in the tremendous beauty of who you are. It means that you believe in your infinite capability. It means that you speak only the sweetest and kindest words to yourself. It means that your very being causes you to sing with joy.

It may sound like you have a long way to go to accomplish all of these things. And that’s okay, because mastering it all in a day is not the point. What matters is to begin to put these things into practice, a little bit at a time. Let your love expand a little bit more every day, and soon these ideas won’t seem so far fetched. The key is to take the first step.

Mantra of the day: I believe in my infinite capability to allow magic to happen in the world.

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