Daily Meditation – May 30th, 2013

We all have days where we just feel exhausted, where our energy is low and we sometimes can’t even explain why. Our constant connection to technology can contribute to this in many ways. For the physical body, there is the eye strain from screen use, the shoulder and wrist strain from using a keyboard, and so on and so forth. For the energetic body, there is the draining property of the electromagnetic waves that many of our devices emit. It is helpful to schedule regular breaks from all of your devices (phone, computer, e-reader, etc) and make sure that you take some time away. Clear your energetic space and get connected to the Earth. Cook yourself a wonderful, nutritious meal. Take a long bath with some epsom salt and lavender essential oil. Go outside and put your feet in the grass or dirt, feel the sunshine on your face. Whatever feels amazing and helps you to renew your energetic stores. Then, when you go back to your devices (because they ARE useful in moderation)- become aware of your energetic space beforehand (your aura) and set the intention that your energy will remain strong and not be drained.

(Another tip: Many of us are empathic on varying levels, so using social networking sites can be draining for us on a whole different level. Be aware of taking on other people’s emotional stuff from the posts that you are reading. If you find yourself processing for your friends in this way, ground and clear your space* and then create a bubble around yourself and set the intention that only love and positive energy can come through.)

Mantra of the day: I am in charge of my energetic space, and I take immaculate care of myself to maintain my energy levels. I deflect any exhausting energies that do not belong to me.

* Looking for more information on grounding and clearing your space? I have an audio recording available on the Downloads page!

Daily Meditation – May 29th, 2013

Modern spiritual leaders speak sometimes on the concept of playing the victim. I’ve read comments about how someone who feels like a victim needs to step into their own power and stop creating negative circumstances for themselves. I’ve read that those who feel they are a victim are weak and unable to hold themselves accountable. And I’ve read that the way out of these circumstances is through the law of attraction- think positive thoughts and your life will be full of positive things. Therefore, sometimes the implication is that if your life is full of negative things, then it’s your own fault because you must be thinking negative thoughts.

I find this line of thought rings somewhat true for me. Yes, there is some element of personal accountability for one’s circumstances that must come into play. Yes, there is great benefit to remaining positive in your thoughts. Getting lost in the idea that you are a victim or that the world is against you is unhealthy for your spirit. However, I think we are walking a fine line here to say that the difference between a joyful life and one of challenge is so simple.

Perhaps the concept extends beyond our realm of understanding, and we need to learn to be okay with that. You can do your part to be positive, to send peace and love out into the world, and attract good into your life. But it is inevitable that at some point, we will all have difficulty show up on our doorstep. Why? Well, maybe there doesn’t have to be a reason that we can see right now. For me, I know that once I have come through a particularly difficult time in my life, I am able to look back and see all of the things that I learned through the process. So perhaps these challenging times come because there is something that we have to learn through them. In any case, no amount of positive thinking would have averted such a necessary lesson for our souls to evolve. Sometimes our challenges come about to radically shift our perspective. And sometimes our challenges are preparing us for the work that we are here on Earth to do.

The key is to embrace the difficult times in your life. Instead of seeing yourself nearly drowning in the turmoil, see that you are indeed remaining afloat. Instead of feeling like this will be what you experience forever, start making baby steps towards something new. (Or big steps, if you’re so inclined.) Either way, keep moving forward. When you go to bed at night, celebrate that you have come so far. When you wake up in the morning, be grateful to see another day. And above all- find every possible moment of joy and laughter in the midst of the storm. These little moments will lift your spirit and help you remain open hearted along the way.

Mantra of the day: I embrace the challenges that I am facing as great teachers in my life. I celebrate all that I am learning from these difficult moments.

Daily Meditation – May 28th, 2013

What is it that you love to do? Are you creating time for it in your life? Passions are so important to maintain, especially with how busy our modern lives can become. When you lose track of time while lost in an activity, it can serve as a form of moving meditation. You will release stress and renew your energy stores. I have gone through phases in my life where I have forgotten to make time for the things I love. Often, I only realize what I’m missing when I suddenly find myself feeling really drained. We all stand to benefit from carving out a set time to write a little, play some music, dance, sing, run, do yoga… whatever it is that helps you let go of everything else and quiet your mind for a while.

Mantra of the day: I always have time for the passions that feed my soul.

Daily Meditation – May 27th, 2013

Spirit communicates with us in many ways. Are you listening? Quiet your mind for a little while and see what inspiration arrives. Offer up any dilemma you may be facing and ask for guidance. It may arrive in the form of a sudden solution becoming apparent to you, or it could be a quiet repetitive voice within. Sometimes guidance from Spirit comes through a friend or through our dreams. However it comes, you will know it has arrived when it feels right. Listen to your intuition because it is the voice of your Higher Self guiding you. Your gut feeling is not to be ignored, because it is full of wisdom. Do you feel too emotionally connected to the situation to get clear on a response? Try using your body to answer. Stand up straight and let your arms relax by your sides. Get centered and grounded by taking a few deep breaths, clearing your aura of energy that is not your own, and connecting through the soles of your feet and the base of your spine to the Earth below. Relax your mind completely and ask your body to show you a yes response. Notice what happens. Ask your body to show you a no response and notice that as well. Ask it to show you unknown. Then begin to ask questions and see what responses your body gives.

Whenever you receive guidance from any source, it is always wise to test this advice and see if it feels right for you. You can envision the outcome and see how it makes you feel. Trust what feels right in your heart and be bold as you embrace the next step on your path.

Mantra of the day: I trust the wisdom of Spirit and recognize that I am always being guided.

Daily Meditation – May 26th, 2013

When we think negative thoughts or speak negative words about another person, it is in essence a psychic attack on their well-being. Your thoughts energetically travel to that person and your negative energy creates a dark spot in their energetic body. This is true even if they are never aware of the thoughts you think or the words you speak about them. Your negativity will not only deepen their own negative experience, but it will make it even harder for them to come to a place of healing and self-love within. Often, we do not even realize that we are having this effect. Our harmful thoughts can even take the form of pity, which we may mistake for compassion. “It’s so sad…”, “They need help”, “I can’t believe they’re doing that”, “What a mess”… these are all ways that we are adding to the negativity that other people experience. By sending these thoughts, we are increasing the sea of anger, frustration, violence, self-hatred, shame, and self-harm that some people around us are lost in. Be especially aware of how we collectively send this negativity to people in the spotlight of celebrity or various other highly visible positions.

So how can we begin to turn this around and have a positive impact on our world? When you encounter or think about someone who you might normally dislike or feel sorry for, first remember that we are all doing the best we can from what we know. Recognize that people themselves are never inherently bad, even if their actions are severely harmful. You do not need to remain in the presence with people who are negative, you can envision them surrounded in the pink light of love and send them on their way. By doing this, you are not causing them more harm in the process. If you have already sent negativity, simply draw your own energy back to yourself and release it to the Earth below to be transformed into love. Then, imagine yourself and the other person to both be wrapped in the light of love. Do not beat yourself up, just be aware of your effect and take responsibility for cleaning it up. By seeing the inherent good in people, and allowing them the space to show up in a different way when they are ready, you are energetically empowering that person to begin to find healing and self-love.

Mantra of the day: I send the healing light of love to all my enemies, who may indeed be some of my greatest teachers.

Daily Meditation – May 25th, 2013

Physical appearance is something that many of us all been taught to scrutinize. We may spend quite a bit of time in front of the mirror, looking too closely for every possible flaw. Some of us may even change clothes multiple times while getting ready every day, finding something wrong with every outfit we try on. I find myself caught up in this sometimes, and it is absolutely exhausting. I can spend the whole entire day feeling self-conscious about how I look. But I’m over it- I’m ready to begin loving how I look in the mirror no matter what. We can set goals towards achieving our best HEALTH and release the messages we tell ourselves about not looking good enough. You have a beautiful, kind, loving spirit and guess what?? The people that you encounter in your daily life see THIS spectacular, dazzling soul person that you are! Dressing in clothes we love, wearing our favorite makeup, getting our hair done how we like it- all of these things have value as long as we understand that beautifying the outside is just helping match the beauty we carry inside.

Mantra of the day: I look as beautiful on the outside as I feel on the inside.

Daily Meditation – May 24th, 2013

It is important as we move through life to stay centered in a place of LOVE. When we focus on the love that we already feel, it continues to grow all around us. Releasing fears is a huge part of fully embracing love in your life. What are you afraid of? It’s time to let those things go. You are on your path and all is well, your Spirit Guides are always there to assist you. Ask them for help in releasing your fears, then be sure to ask them to help you fill the empty space left behind with love.

Manifest LOVE in every aspect of your life. Make it your primary goal. Tonight is a Full Moon that is also an Eclipse and a Super Moon (because the Moon is extremely close to the Earth)- so it is an extremely powerful time for manifestation. Call in more LOVE by sitting quietly with the Moon tonight (outside if you can) and setting your intention. Offer up all that you are thankful for, and feel your capacity for love expanding. All love begins with self-love, so remember to include in your intentions that you will take wonderful care of yourself and ensure that your needs are always being met. And so it is.

Mantra for the day: I am surrounded by ever increasing beauty and love.

(If you want, you can read more about tonight’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Super Moon here.)

Daily Meditation – May 23rd, 2013

Look for confirmation of your path in the little things. Many of us are moving forward into new territory, exploring things that we hardly even imagined before. The scenery of your life may be changing drastically and sometimes it’s hard to be sure if you are moving in the right direction. Spirit provides confirmation for us along the way, but we have to pay attention to these signs to truly see them. Remember that there is no such thing as coincidence. Those moments where something works out perfectly, some chaos unexpectedly aligns, someone appears in your life at just the right moment, or you have a strong sense of deja vu- these are just some examples of Spirit confirming your direction. Pay attention, and celebrate when these moments arrive. If you feel lost in a fog, and nothing seems clear, hold faith that the path is indeed unfolding before you. It may not seem so at the moment, but you are learning lessons that will carry you forward.

Mantra for the day: All is well, let go and trust in Spirit.

Daily Meditation – May 22nd, 2013

Many of us are cycling through some intense changes lately. Things may seem to be moving faster than you can keep up with, and you may be feeling overwhelmed by all that you’re facing at the moment. Releasing is a big part of change, and the process can feel deeply painful. Honor the emotions that you are experiencing right now by giving them space to be fully expressed. Cry, wail, scream, pound your fists- express what you’re feeling in a safe way that feels good and isn’t damaging to those around you. Connect your feet to the Earth and release your sadness and anger to Her- she will turn these energies into something positive to grow anew. Be patient with the process right now. All of this transition is quick and feels crazy, but it will come to an end all that much sooner as a result.

Mantra for the day: Breathe in deeply to draw in love and peace, exhale to release anger and sadness. Repeat.